Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Terrific Tuesday


A much more 'yellow' day today! I woke up in my own bed - not in a tent at Year Eight Camp - after a wonderful eight hour sleep. The joy continued with a coffee stop and unhealthy pastry-based breakfast.

The students have been lovely today. I've moved classrooms; it's been chaotic but satisfying, and my ancient 'new' classroom has some unleashed potential.

When I collected the boy from nursery, he'd been playing in mud and wood chips - again. Sarah said he'd had a jolly day too, even attempting to join in at song time by beating his chest...

Dexter was having a lovely old time when I took today's #366 photograph. He likes to sit/stand in his walker - it reminded me of the trolleys used to move all of the stuff from my classroom today.

The day ended in a lovely citrus shade. I had some wine and discovered I have won a family pass for 'Lollibop' - 'The Big Bash for Little People'. I think this means that at some point in August, in a park in London, we get to meet Rastamouse. Brilliant.

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