Thursday, 12 July 2012

Back chat


Sometimes, accounts of my day begin to sound like I do a normal job: my day started with coffee and a meeting. Then, I have some lessons, and I'm firmly back in the world of being a teacher - but the lessons are the best bit!

I covered a PSHE lesson this afternoon. As we watched a DVD covering a plethora of topics from eating disorders to cyber bullying, I had a brief flash-forward to life beyond the toddler years - yikes!

I collected my toddler from nursery early today. He had to be woken up. Dexter's new routine seems to involve dropping his morning nap for epic three to four hour 'snoozes'!

Because we were early, I had time to give the boy his tea at home, read four books and do some playing. I am getting quite anxious now about his lack of language acquisition, that is, him having precisely no words. I can't help myself from googling it as a problem. Am I willing him to grow up?

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