Saturday, 14 July 2012

Garden Party


Today we went to a lovely friend's annual cream tea garden party. It was cold, wet and distinctly un-summery. I felt so bad for them. They have a beautiful home and an astonishing garden; this rapidly became an astonishing mud-pit.

After demolishing a cheese scone and hanging off a few random strangers' legs as he worked the room, Dexter located a small patch of slate chips. He happily sat in his raincoat and picked chunks of slate up, letting it fall through his fingers repeatedly. He's such a boy in that way and can seek out a grotty puddle from a mile away.

He had to be forcibly removed from the muddy quarry and stripped down to nowt but a nappy and vest to travel home in. I swear he'd had a nicer time than if it had been glorious sunshine!

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