Thursday, 26 July 2012



The husband's birthday today, and I managed to get up in time to heat some croissants and chuck some already-chopped-up fruit into a bowl: good wife. Dexter did not get up in time to proffer his gifts to Daddy himself. He did however manage two faux naps before sleeping from twelve until three.

We had a bit of time in the garden before walking into town again with lovely lift-share friend. We are both bridesmaids for a dear friend on Saturday, but the pale pink dresses are crying out for some tanned skin. Given that naturally, I am an unpleasing blue hue, a spray tan is the quickest fix.

The boy wasn't the easiest companion. He seems to be going through a rather alarming phase filled with tantrums and hitting his own head. I have sought reassurance from books and the Internet and apparently, the head-hitting is not too out of the ordinary - nevertheless, it's distressing to see. It seems to be compounded by the heat at the moment. Dexter is persistently hot, bothered and fractious.

I am wondering if it is another case of 'baby karma'. My easy-peasy, text book 'angel' baby seems to have become a tricky toddler. In more uplifting news, birthday visit to the cinema was cancelled, as the husband is now ill. Happy days.

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