Monday, 23 July 2012

Day one in the sick mother house...


Well, first day of the glorious six week holiday and I was awake and out of bed at half past seven: this is unheard of. In a bid to seize the day, the boy and I were in the park before half past nine: again, unheard of.

It was a beautiful summery day and Dexter really enjoyed the freedom to toddle around without the need for hand-holding/being chased. He did get quite distracted by passing buses. I guess he was quite an amusing sight, as he worked his camp zombie stroll along the park path. A trendy, young, Brighton, twenty-something passer-by, declared him to be 'awesome'!

Naturally, we headed to the playground, which was pleasingly quiet. We managed some time on the swings before the lure of a patch of wood chips took over. In an attempt to distract Dexter from this, we headed over to the sand pit, which contains a lovely, toddler-friendly 'water feature'. Three minutes later, and the boy was completely sodden, hence we were back at home by eleven and Dexter enjoyed an early bath.

After lunch, we both managed a book and a snooze - an uncharacteristically short hour and a half. With the sun still shining, the boy and I ventured into our shared garden - a place I rarely visit. It was pleasingly shady, but the fresh air was restorative as the afternoon snoozing had left us both feeling a little groggy.

By the evening however, both mother and son were feeling more than a tad grizzly; his excuse is teeth, but I think I'm coming down with something. Smashing. What a way to start the holidays. 

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