Friday, 27 July 2012

Wedding preparations


Things seem to be on a little more of an even keel today. I managed to get the boy to have a morning nap, old school style. This was particularly helpful as my parents and niece arrived today to be wedding babysitters.

Shortly after they arrived (and the boy finally woke up), I had to head off to a field in the heart of the West Sussex countryside to jolly-up a marquee. Fortunately, I seemed to have missed most of the hard work in dressing the venue, and instead, ended up holding the bride-to-be's seven month old baby, which included changing a toxic nappy. Not quite the break from mothering duties I had anticipated!

Dexter spent the afternoon with his extended family at the park, mainly eating grandma's cake under a tree.

In the evening, I had a lovely girls' dinner at the hotel where the bride is staying, after which I drove back to Brighton to catch some of the London Olympics opening ceremony. With weddings and huge sporting events on the agenda, it definitely feels like summer.

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