Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Crazy day!


Today was crazy: nuts, mental, bonkers. By second lesson, I was in the hall with the whole of Year 7, practising the National Anthem for the opening of the school sports day next week. It was not the calmest moment of my teaching career.

In between teaching for the rest of the day, I attempted to deal with crazy amounts of marking and crazy numbers of emails in my inbox.

After school offered little in the way of respite and downtime. I collected the boy from nursery and collected lovely lift-share friend from a conference venue. The three of us then headed to Uckfield where we wolfed down some dinner in Pizza Express; Dexter sucked on some bread and threw crisps on the floor. I then drove to Uckfield Tesco's car park to meet with the husband and do a drive-by roll out handover of the boy.

After that, lift-share lady and I hot-footed back out into the glorious Sussex countryside to catch Year 13 students for pre-dinner drinks at their Leavers' Ball. I don't think  any of them spotted me cleaning my teeth in the boot of my car.

Back home by nine o'clock. Is it only Wednesday?

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