Friday, 6 July 2012

Stress rehearsal


A frustrating Friday: a real mixture of good kids and those who want to push the boundaries - and my patience. I often see dealing with the children at school as a big old rehearsal for dealing with a teenage Dexter. I lost the plot with some of them today; this doesn't make me happy, or proud.

When I got him home, the boy lost the plot himself. His tantrums are increasingly epic; rehearsals for the 'terrible twos' are progressing well. I kept my calm and walked away, until he too had calmed down. I'd learnt from my negative experiences during the day. No point in over-reflecting though. We all make mistakes - it's learning from them and moving on that matters.

If you look very closely at today's #366 photograph, you might just be able to see a glass of wine. It was much-needed, and just helped to take the edge of the day, for rejoice -  it is the start of the weekend!

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