Saturday, 28 January 2012

Babies who lunch


It was a beautifully bright and crisp winter's day today. Dexter and I meandered into town with a dear friend. We spent two and a half hours in Marks & Spencer's; we have officially turned into our mothers.

Just as our mothers would, we had our lunch in the M&S caff. I got very excited about the fact that the husband (who joined us fresh from the hairdressers) bought Dexter his own little kid's cheese sandwich (£1.95!), having spent months trogging around with flasks filled with Karmel mush. Dexter shared in this excitement by sucking on a small amount of over-priced bread and cheese and dropping the rest of it on the floor.

Embarrassed by the carnage created at the foot of the little wooden high-chair, husband and I picked up the majority of the discarded picnic. To the badly hummed theme tune of the 1980s classic gameshow, 'Bullseye', we piled the crusty remnants onto M&S's finest porcelain and showed the boy 'what he could've eaten'. He promptly filled his nappy and fell asleep.

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