Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Horse Heaven

Despite my musings in my last post about not wanting

to force a particular career aspiration on the boy, I do

however really really hope that Dexter will share one of my

true loves: horses.

I bought his little wooden rocking horse at the afore-

mentioned ‘nearly new’ sale for the bargainous price of

£12. As I was leaving the sale venue with it, I

was nearly rugby-tackled to the ground by the lady who

was selling it, who was desperate for me to know what a

well-loved and much-used toy it had been – this obviously

only added to the appeal of the affordable price tag.

Dexter has a number of stuffed toy horses, which include

Coco (an Easter gift from his grandma), and Derek Trotter, a

wonderful scarlet beast who makes genuine neighing and

‘clippety-cloppety’ sounds when he is tipped up, or when

the washing machine is on.

I also like to think that Dexter is genetically predisposed to

being a jockey, unless he bucks his parents’ genes

and becomes a giant. Or perhaps, with a name like

Dexter Rye Wayne, his obvious fate is to become a real-life


Although I took today's #366 photo on 11th Jan to ensure I

have a photo for everyday this year, I am writing these

words on 12th January. I found out this afternoon that

Douglas, a very special pony in my life, sadly, has been put

to sleep. Dougie, you were a fabulous boy, a real four-

legged legend and I had really hoped that you would be

a part of Dexter's life too. Unfortunately, this was not meant

to be, but I'm dedicating this post to you, buddy.

Rest in peace in horsey heaven. x

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