Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Box


Ah, Dexter engaging in what has to be his favourite activity: watching television. Like his mum, Dexter has had an unhealthy relationship with the tv from a very early age. I don't feel bad about this for three reasons. Firstly, I loved television as a child (and still do), but was always a voracious reader (and still am, particularly now I have joined the Kindle club). Secondly, my boy goes to nursery full-time, where there is no tv, but in its place, a lively and stimulating 'curriculum' (really), which ensures that Dexter is involved in all sorts of creative/messy play which I would never do with him at home. Thirdly, I am a slack mum.

Current favourite programmes are 'Waybuloo' and 'In the Night Garden'. Worryingly, he has also developed a love of Bruce Forsyth (he does not feature in either), and television coverage of motor racing, fuelling daddy's vicarious ambition that Dexter will one day be a champion Formula One driver. Daddy is obviously hoping for a life of luxury, hanging out on expensive yachts and associating with Pussy Cat Dolls. Hmmm.

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