Tuesday, 24 January 2012

P*ss up

Some of you may be pleased to know that my 'ramblings' are likely to become increasingly pithy and concise. The #366 photos are increasingly tricky to catch too, primarily because the boy is usually on the move and because I find the 'Hipstamatic' app a touch temperamental. I say this may result in a shorter post, but equally it could just lead to more random themes and subject matter.
Back at work/nursery today, still not feeling on top form, but that's how brave we are... Dexter not being quite 100% resulted in another unpleasant package for me to deal with (I really didn't want this to morph into 'The Nappy Diaries', but hey-ho), which meant it was easier to give him an early bath.
I caught this photo as the boy was showing a complete and utter fascination with the filling of the tub. He was completely starkers.
Moments after this photo was taken, he peed up the side of the bath. Lovely.

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