Friday, 6 January 2012

Time for a bath?


Dexter indulging in another of his preferred pastimes: having a bath. Primarily, bath time is daddy's job. Bath time with daddy in charge is heaps of fun: lots of splashing and playing; 'engine' and generic vehicle noises that only dads seem to be capable of making; and most importantly, a gentle and considerate approach to hair-washing.

Bath time with mummy at the helm however, is a somewhat more perfunctory (and some might say punitive) experience. If I am in charge, it is generally because daddy is late home from work. Given that I have been at work all day too and probably have a gigantic mountain of marking to tackle, I just need to get it done.

Bath time with mummy in charge generally involves: the stripping off of clothes with scant regard for eyes, ears, limbs; being 'dunked' and 'sloshed', whilst only being allowed to play with one of a vast selection of bath toys; and no consideration for gentleness with hair washing, which generally involves Dexter crying when he sees the 'jug of doom' looming towards his head.

I like to see it as character building.

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