Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My name is...

Today's post is the inspiration for some discussion of the boy's name. The photo features Dexter rolling around on his sofa, which is covered by a quilt that his 'Nana Vron' (Veronica) made. It features some brilliantly Watership Down style hares (I know - in the book/film it's rabbits), and his name across the bottom. It's made from husband's old duvet cover, so I like to think it's a vintage family 'hare-loom' - boom, boom!
Dexter has quite a few personalised things, including some ridiculously over-priced letters on his wall that I shelled out for during an hormonally-induced spending spree. I like to see his name on things; I like to think it stamps his identity on the world even at a tender age.
Choosing his name was a little tricky. Although we found out that he was a 'he', we had far more girls' names we favoured. Being a teacher also makes choosing a name a little tricky as associations with slightly less charming members of the teenage species can be very strong. I also knew I wanted something a bit different: a name that wouldn't feature on the same class register four times. I could probably have been assured of this with my top choices of Atticus, Paddington and Lysander. Husband quickly vetoed all three on the basis that the young Master Wayne may be subject to some playground beatings at some point in the future. It was the husband therefore who came up with Dexter.
I have never yet taught a Dexter, and only really knew of Dexter Fletcher and Charlotte Church's son. I like to think it's a little quirky and cool and I think it really suits him. I was a little upset to see that it has entered the top 100 list of boys' names this year - er, couldn't spot a Paddington in there. Plus, a little like certain makes of car or particular brands of pushchair, now that I've got my very own, I seem to come across them everywhere. I am starting to get over this and have realised that for my boy's name to be absolutely unique, it would probably have to be pretty bloomin' ridiculous.
Besides, as husband is a huge fan of quality American TV dramas, when Dexter and his buddies do start to take an interest in their names, he probably will be pretty unique in his claim of being named after a (fictional) serial killer. At which point we will explain to him, that it was that, or a duffle-coated, marmalade-munching, stowaway bear.

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