Monday, 16 January 2012

Miserable Monday

Today, according to a Guardian article that I gave no more than a cursory glance to on my Twitter feed, is supposed to be really depressing, or something. I suspect The Guardian's finest journalists expressed this in a slightly more lucid and articulate way, but nonetheless, it got me thinking about today's post and inspired today's #366 picture.
How was your day? Granted, it's Monday, which is inherently miserable. Monday: the portentous beast that signals a return to the nine-to-five daily grind. It was also bloomin' cold: the various flashing lights and beeping noises emanating from the dash board of my trusty old Fiesta informed me that: 'It's Arctic out there. Stay in bed' - or words to that effect. Dexter is full of snot and sea lion-esque coughing. I had an unexpected cover lesson; taught a few of my own; had an hour-long meeting after school; spent fifteen minutes trying to find somewhere to park on arriving back in Brighton; had to lug the boy and all our stuff from three streets away. I've also caught up on some phonecalls and batch cooked lamb casserole and turkey bolognese (a Karmel special - surprisingly tasty).
In between all of this, Dexter's loving Monday gift to me was a revolting nappy, of the type I don't normally have to deal with in the week as that is nursery's job. I really don't want to get all scatalogical here (I am already hugely alarmed by the fact that spawning a small person immediately makes one think it is socially acceptable to discuss poo, anytime, any place, anywhere), but changing said nappy allowed me to capture the above photo.
If there's anthing that is going to make you smile on 'Miserable Monday' and remind you of the sheer unfettered joy of being eleven months old, untouched by the polite restraints of social convention, then it's a little naked bottom. And no, I am not going to wheel such pictures out when Dexter is eighteen to embarrass him in front of friends. My students have told me enough tales over the years about the teenage male of the species and their collective penchant for getting naked - so I will assume he will be capable of creating his own embarrassment.
If you really have had a rubbish day, then take the baby's lead: bums to the world! Failing that, take the mummy's lead and indulge in a very chilled, much needed glass of white: cheers!

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