Saturday, 7 January 2012

Beach Baby


It was a beautifully sunny Saturday today, so a wintery walk along the seafront was in order. I love Brighton on clear, crisp days. The sky was amazing, and the beach uncrowded and uncluttered.

I carried Dexter down to the actual sea, which he loved. We sat him on the infamous Brighton pebbles (he's not been on the beach since he was a tiny baby). He didn't really quite know what to do with this unfamiliar surface and so resorted to default mode and put some pebbles in his mouth.

A slightly panicky and frenzied moment later, I had extracted the offending items from Dexter's jaws. For a while afterwards, I had to push from my mind the list of colourful characters/dogs who frequent Brighton's 'welcome to all' beaches. I'm sure it's good for the immune system.

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