Monday, 30 January 2012

Mirror, mirror


I've been very slack with the blog this week. Life is generally pretty hectic, and the husband has been glued to the computer all week. I have though, been taking my #366 photos everyday. As my memory no longer functions beyond sub-goldfish level, this week's ramblings are taking a slightly more thematic slant, as recollecting actual events in finer detail is evading me. It's also quarter past ten on a Friday night; I've just grappled with the online shop (unexpected but forced switch from Ocado to Waitrose), and the husband has just poured a very nice/strong glass of banana beer for me...

So, the picture above, taken on Monday 30th January, captures the boy engaging in his new favourite hobby: checking himself out in the mirror. Whether he knows it is himself, or indeed recognises the image as a baby is debatable. Dexter does however, find his own reflection very pleasing, and has even been caught licking the glass.

The ladies at nursery have told me Dexter is inexplicably drawn to the looking glass there too.

I blame his father.

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