Thursday, 11 October 2012

Taking control (where you can)

I got a message from one of the school secretaries today, during a lesson. Nursery had phoned wanting to know if they could give Dexter something for his teething as he was upset and grumpy.
The wonderful and efficient colleague in question rang them back for me and gave my permision to medicate my miserable little man.
I didn't automatically call nursery back when my lesson had finished. I had to speak to a student, finalise preparations for a training session, and squeeze in some lunch. I wasn't going to call at all, but I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate during the three hour session I was co-facilitating to a group of colleagues that afternoon. I rang; he was fine.
The session I helped lead this afternoon focused a group of middle leaders on taking control of what they could actually take control of: sound advice indeed.
I have no control over the miserable weather, the demanding expectations of our daily routine and flippin' teething!
I can control: checking the boy is okay (he was); picking him up on time (only twenty minutes late); leaving him with people I trust (absolutely); administering Calpol/teething granules (a must); and an early night (hurrah!).
When external pressures are not on your side, you can only do so much. Worth remembering.

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