Wednesday, 17 October 2012

And the week rolls on...


I felt a bit better about stuff today. My lift-share ladies are my modern urban family. We stopped for fuel/coffee, which pleased Dexter greatly. He shared a croissant and ate a sweet (we think) off the garage floor. The husband sent a sympathetic, reassuring and optimistic email about my whinge list (see yesterday's post).

School was okay. Daddy was home to do bath time. Half-term is edging ever closer...


  1. Hello :) I've been reading your posts and I just wanted to say I'm thinking of you. I feel your both senses of the word! I feel it in your writing and I feel it because I'm doing the same silly job as you ;)
    You sound like you're managing amazingly well considering the crazy hours and the traveling.
    Sending hugs through the blogosphere x

  2. What a lovely comment - thank you! As you know, the job is mental and brilliant and exhausting. I hope I don't moan on about the same old things. I'm enjoying your blog too. I cannot imagine how knackering it must be doing the whole thing with a little one and another on the way. Hope you are looking after yourself. x