Sunday, 7 October 2012



Our weekends are definitely following a distinct pattern. As happened yesterday, Saturdays seem to be fun family days. Sunday sees the slow slide from the weekend back to the craziness of the working week.

My weekly Sunday morning lesson feels like a last burst of freedom. The husband has taken to visiting the park with the boy while I'm out. I generally squeeze in the supermarket shop after ponies. Dexter has his lunch and a sleep, then it's quite chaotic as the three of us juggle playing, school work, making dinner, getting ready for the next day, and trying to keep Sunday blues at bay.

I'm adding catching up on blogging to this routine. I'm so behind and so unenthused. I've got twelve posts to work back to. I'm sensing a break in routine, signalled by some shorter posts and less care over matching the font colour to the picture, otherwise, it's just another Sunday chore.

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