Monday, 8 October 2012

I'm spinning around, move out of my way...


Today just sort of happened. I'm always grateful when it's not my turn to drive. The boy isn't great company in the back of the car though, preferring to gaze out of the window and be silent, only breaking into spontaneous tears when we don't stop at the Costa garage - I kid you not.

If I was teaching personification, I'd say the sky has been crying all day, and frankly, it seems pretty upset. The miserable weather isn't the most supportive tool in engaging student interest, and by the end of school, the thought of another meeting made me feel a little tearful. Pleasingly there was cake. Not so pleasingly, there was epic traffic (no doubt weather-induced) on the way home, so today's homeward journey took nearly an hour and a half.

Dexter only had time for a bit of brick tower building in his room, and some spinning around to make himself dizzy (his current favourite hobby), before Daddy was home to do bath time.

I relied on Corrie to brighten up a dreary evening, and getting the iPad to do my marking: it really can! It's very late now and I should be in bed. Mondays are very calm compared to Tuesdays; I'm preparing myself for showers and a whirlwind...

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