Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Shared experiences

Today has been a long day for everyone. I got home from an epic school day to mum and Dexter; the boy was still in his pyjamas. He's really 'out of sorts', and the timing of my mum's visit seems to be fated, as I think he would have been sent home from nursery today. Teething, horrid cold, worn out - the usual.
I spent an hour on the phone this evening to a London-based friend who is a speech therapist. She was wonderfully helpful, reassuring and knowledgeable - thanks, Amy. It seems that Dexter probably has got some sort of language delay, and we've been given some advice to try to encourage him with the talking, including trying to prompt some imaginative play and shared experiences. I think cuddles with Grandma when you're not feeling tip-top, are probably a good place to start!

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