Saturday, 27 October 2012

Food, snooze - and repeat...

We had to be up early today to take my mum to the airport for her flight back to Manchester. As Team Wayne is never up early at the weekend, we made the most of this opportunity and were at Bill's in Brighton by ten o'clock. We had an epic and delicious breakfast; the boy polished off the 'children's full English', which seemed to rival the normal sized portions for size.
He lapsed into a food coma for a couple of hours in his pushchair, but awoke to a sunny but freezing Brighton sea-front. By this time, he was hungry again and ate most of a portion of chips.
While the husband had his hair cut, I took Dexter to the library. A very full tummy and a warm environment seemed to be a potent mixture for the boy. He grabbed his blankie, toddled off behind the librarian's desk and lay down to go to sleep!
He managed to make it home without snoozing, to more food, and Strictly on the television. It's basically been Dexter's dream Saturday, and a smashing start to half-term week.

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