Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pub grub

It is so brilliant having mum here this week. The house is immaculate, warm, light and smells of 'mum-washing'. She's a marvel! I am really getting through my marking in the hope I will get it all done before half term holidays.
As a thank you to mum, lift-share friend and I took her to the local for some vino and an early dinner. The boy ate his own body weight in carbs and then filled his nappy. He was swiftly escorted off the premises by Grandma and taken home for a bath and bed.
They're really bonding this week, to the extent that Dexter has had the most enormous tantrum every day when I have arrived home. Whilst this is totally gutting, I am seeing it in a positive light as evidence that he is just having too nice a time and doesn't want me rocking up to spoil it.
Hopefully, we'll do some mummy-son bonding next week.

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