Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Snack attack!


Yesterday's blog post received a lot of love: thank you. Sometimes, a theme or idea drifts around in my head during the day and I am able to shape it into some form of coherent prose. 

And then there are other days (like today), that start with a quarter to five wake-up call, a very strong Costa, a whirlwind of lessons and marking, and end with, well, poo really.

The boy was wearing an interesting set of mismatching clothes at nursery pick-up. I've not kept his spare clothes box topped up and he'd had a nappy incident that had affected his vest, trousers and socks. Poor lamb.

Today's #366 photo captures him at home with me, desperate for cuddles and quiet time in front of 'In the Night Garden'.

It also captures the deranged cats, very happy with their discovery of Dexter's knocked-over crisp packet on the floor.

No great philosophical observations today, aside from be mindful where you keep your snacks...

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