Saturday, 20 October 2012

Civilised behaviour

We took a train to Lewes today. I like Lewes. It is bohemian and civilised. There's a lot of terribly polite middle class people with trendy specs, combined with a lot of purple and gilets.

Dexter had a ball: walking everywhere (taking random people out); sausage and mash outside at Bill's; a snooze while Mummy and Daddy had coffee and cake; lovely new books from a fantastic children's bookshop; a go on the swings in a random playground we stumbled upon.

The train back filled with hundreds of Brighton and Hove Albion fans a stop after we had got on. When we arrived at our destination, there were cries of 'Pram coming through!' and Team Wayne was basically escorted off the train. It was a surprisingly civilised end to a very civilised (and relaxing) day.

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