Thursday, 18 October 2012

Professional Lady

This evening, I posted a photo on Instagram (shamefully addicted) of the jumper I had worn to school. It was my Joules 'Patch' jumper: a birthday gift from the husband, which I'm sure I've blogged about before. It's basically a woolly knit, featuring a rather charming Jack Russell on the front. My tag-line for the photo post commented (tongue in cheek), that my choice of sweater was a professional one, given it was parents' evening.
It got me thinking about the idea of being 'professional', which to me, roughly translates as 'doing the right thing'. My professionalism is very important to me, but I do sometimes let it slip. Yes, it was parents' evening, but my classroom is chilly and my Patch jumper is both warm and jolly.
I had the GP phone me at work today, which resulted in several members of staff chasing around to find me, and involved a conversation with her when I should have been marking books. To be fair, it was my lunchtime, and the result of the conversation was her referring Dexter to a speech therapist. It made my stomach lurch, but he needs some help with his talking. I know my doctor is being professional and doing the right thing.
I made a mum at parents' evening cry and joined in with a little weep myself. It was for a good reason as I really wanted her to know how brilliant I think her son is and what a good job she's doing as a parent.
I told the Deputy Head to have a look at my blog. I fear it may have only confirmed his fears about my weakening grasp on sanity...
When I got home, my arrival woke an already unsettled Dexter. I committed the parenting sin of going into his room and having a good long cuddle with him until he was ready to settle and go to sleep. What unprofessional parenting behaviour!
I've come to the conclusion, that often, being mildly 'unprofessional', or not doing things by the book, usually involves a bit more heart over head. I for one, am perfectly happy to let the heart win once in a while.

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