Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Marking my time...

It was flippin' freezin' this morning. My week to drive and I was running late. Fortunately, lovely lift-share ladies are really accommodating.
It was so cold that there was a little snow flurry during my Year 11 lesson; they went berserk. I am the 'Snow Grinch' and so their excitement was met with the blinds being pulled down and a 'Let's get on with it! You've got mocks coming up.'
The day passed by in its usual (snow) whirl. Nursery seem pleased with Dexter: this is good. The husband was working from home again, so it was nice to be able to do a hand over. It also meant I got to crack on with some marking, whilst listening to the radio. It's my new little week night ritual, and it feels like a gentle way of tackling my enormous workload. Got another mention from Jo Whiley too, so I feel like she genuinely keeps me company as I plough on with the books.
I like to think it's edging me ever closer to my true calling as a media butterfly. I suspect I am horribly wrong and shall be teaching/marking books until I am about 108 years old...

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