Saturday, 8 December 2012

Laid back

We were supposed to see a mortgage adviser this morning: they cancelled. I am a huge fatalist when it comes to house-buying and I can't help but see this as a portent of doom.
Ah well, despite falling at the first hurdle, we made our merry way to the market town of Horsham in West Sussex. The husband works near there, and we decided it would be a quieter option than Brighton for some weekend pre-Christmas browsing. It was! It was all crisp and sunny and twinkly. We enjoyed a hearty lunch and the boy (tummy full of pasta and garlic bread), enjoyed a lengthy snooze in his pushchair while we tackled Waitrose. He's looking a little ruddy of cheek in today's #366 picture and pleasingly Norwegian. I fear teething or coming down with something (Scandi-itis?)...
This evening, I hosted a little soiree for my NCT mummy friends. I say 'hosted' - I opened a few big bags of crisps and some bottles of wine. I fear they may have been a little disappointed by the lack of festive sparkle. Trouble is, I love the idea of proper Nigella/Jamie/Lorraine entertaining, but I'm just too...lazy.
Anyway, who needs fancy food and you know, bothering to brush your hair and put some make-up on, when you have lovely company and gallons of vino? Not me.

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