Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Has he been?


It's Christmaaaaasssss!!!!! The boy enjoyed the big day. He received loads of fabulous gifts but was most enamoured by a set of four flashing rubber ducks that my mum had bought for his stocking for 99p. Watch and learn, broke parents!

It was a lovely family day, with Dexter getting to spend lots of time with his grandparents, auntie and uncle and his cousins. He troughed his Christmas dinner like a pro, being particularly fond of 'pigs in blankets'. He wasn't so keen on the noise the crackers made, but took the noise his excitable cousins made, completely in his stride.

I still think he's a little bit too young for true 'memory making' yet, but it was a low-key, cosy, happy day. Dexter spent most of the evening, surrounded by gifts and chatter, and my sister's enormous dog, having a very lovely time.


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