Sunday, 9 December 2012


Don't think I actually drank that much last night as I felt fine this morning. Felt super-fine after an hour of riding.
The husband didn't take Dexter to the park today. Poor little chap (Dexter that is), is definitely out of sorts and it seemed too chilly for him to be venturing out today.
Instead, we tried to get him 'involved' in making our Christmas cards; he wasn't having any of it and screamed the house down. I have had to improvise and use some paintings that Dexter has done at nursery to fashion something distinctly 'homemade'.
Again, a bit like entertaining, I love the idea of creating things (I will never use 'crafting' as a verb), but I lose interest quite quickly. It's also pretty unlikely that I won't write/post them in time for Christmas. In fact, this blog is probably the only project I have shown any staying power with, and I can't wait to stop doing it!

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