Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A Day in the Life

Today was as follows:
1. Awoke at 6am. One small boy given epic breakfast.
2. 6.30am hand over to Daddy for small boy to be clothed. One teacher lady dressed and ready to go.
3. One small, dented car (parked on different street) driven to outside house.
4. One small and tired boy strapped in to car.
5. One lovely friend collected from her home.
6. One overly-long, but pretty drive to nursery.
7. One drive-by-roll-out of small boy at nursery.
8. One staff meeting. One cappuccino consumed.
9. One tutor group registered.
10. One GCSE controlled assessment supervised.
11. Twenty-nine 12-13 year old brains filled with a brief history of America and a Martin Luther King speech.
12. One 'break' spent working.
13. One lesson observed.
14. One GCSE lesson banging on about correct use of semi colons (again).
15. One beige lunch hurriedly consumed.
16. One Year 7 lesson on writing skills completed.
17. One meeting (official) with colleague.
18. One unofficial meeting with different colleague.
19. One lesson PowerPoint created for tomorrow.
20. One nursery collection. Tantrum scale: minimal.
21. One very long and dark journey home. Tantrum scale: rising.
22. One car parked nowhere near house. Tantrum scale: escalating further.
23. One walk back to house in cold and dark. Tantrum scale: epic.
24. Hand over to the husband (uncharacteristically working from home). Number of 'Meg & Mog' stories read: infinite.
25. Four bags of recycling sorted and put out.
26. One revolting cat litter tray cleaned and changed.
27. One load of dry washing put away.
28. One new load of washing put in machine.
29. One small, sleepy head kissed goodnight.
30. One very uninspiring and nutritionally deficient meal prepared, served and eaten.
31. One report (due tomorrow) completed.
32. Several emails dealt with.
33. One blog post completed.


  1. I sympathise. And (I know I shouldn't start a sentence with 'and') I could do with a lesson on the correct use of the semi colon. I have so many typos on my blog, I'm quite ashamed, but also quite tired!

  2. I encourage starting the odd sentence with 'And' as 'real writers break the rules'. Your blog is beautiful and really inspiring. The tiredness is relentless. Loved your Bonfire Night post.

  3. I tried to leave a comment on it; I think I failed. Do you see what I did there?!...