Thursday, 27 December 2012

House Party


Today, we spent a lovely spontaneous afternoon at the house of an old school friend. There was another friend there too with her family. We've known each other for twenty three years now, yet it still feels funny being grown-ups with children, mortgages and family cars between us!

Dexter was somewhat erratic in his behaviour. Upon arrival, he screamed the house down, refused his lunch and went and sat on his own in a different room. He soon came round though and managed to play with all of the resident child's Christmas toys and eat his own body weight in sausage rolls. 

The husband and I ate our combined body weights in Chinese food this evening. My parents were going out to a party, so treated us to a take-away. The day finished with 'School of Rock' on TV and lying on the sofa. Happy holidays indeed!

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