Saturday, 29 December 2012

Driving back home from Christmas


The boy awoke at half past nine again this morning, as he has done for the past few mornings: loving this holiday business. We finished packing - bags full of toys and cases full of 'mum washing' (it smells so good) - before squeezing in one last set of visitors. This time, my younger step-sister and her family. Dexter was suitably sociable again and stared at the television whilst eating biscuits.

We then undertook the six hour journey back home in the wanging rain on traffic-filled roads. We stopped once at a particularly grim service station, ate toasties and drank over-priced coffee and let the boy stretch his miniature legs.

He went to bed very late this evening, having opened his present from Mummy and Daddy - a super-duper garage. Excitement levels seem to be at an all-time high. Whilst I type about twenty back-dated blog posts, I can hear him giggling away to himself through the monitor.

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