Saturday, 22 December 2012

House hunting - again!


Given my mood in the last couple of weeks, I had decided we would do something constructive about it today. I had booked an appointment to see more houses on a new development in a village very close to my destination of choice.

It was a really positive experience with three main highlights: we really liked all three houses we viewed; a hungry Dexter ate some plaster in one of them and seems to have suffered no adverse side-effects; the lovely sales guy is a former actor whose dad played Roy in EastEnders - I liked this piece of trivia.

The venture has given us the impetus for 'Project Move 2013' and hopefully, we will be putting the flat on the market in the new year.

Another highlight was a cheeky little visit to McDonalds on the way home. The boy devoured a Happy Meal with the same gusto he had just been trying to eat the infrastructure of the house with.

I went to a lovely wedding reception in the evening with a fabulous swing band playing. With two weeks off stretching out in front of me, I am definitely getting in the swing of Christmas now.

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