Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Swing, leaf, plane...swing, leaf, plane...

Officially pooped! Sensibly (not), I stayed up late last night with the newly-arrived book recommended to me by the GP. Just half an hour a day of one-to-one with the boy, focusing on talking, should get him up to speed in no time. The start of term has been quite gentle so far - only two year groups in today, so I must be able to manage this.
We did manage the park again on the way home. We focused on the words swing, leaf and plane, as I am being led by the boy's interests. I said them a lot; he did not.
We parked three streets away (of course), and Dexter insisted on walking from the car to home - another twenty minutes or so. No tv, no radio, but lots of talking - from me.
Wondering when I'll be able to switch out of teacher mode...

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