Sunday, 9 September 2012

Role Reversal

In a wonderful case of role reversal today, after I returned from my riding lesson, the husband did the Waitrose run. He'd already taken the boy to the park while I had been pony botherin'. I got on with school work while the boy slept. I tried to continue getting on with my school work when he awoke. However, Dexter resorted to clambering all over me every time I picked up a piece of paper. I think he was reminding me that he comes first at the weekend: of course he does. The  husband cooked dinner too; I bathed the boy and put him to bed. Team work.
I've just caught up on a week of blog posts. I'm conscious that my tone is rather clipped and my style less rambling. I've found the first week back tough. Next week is looking completely bonkers. I'll be happy if it's only the blog that suffers.

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