Friday, 7 September 2012

Keeping it real

Hurrah for Friday! Hurrah for the obligatory breakfast stop! No hurrah for Dexter being totally hysterical at the nursery drop this morning. It was the first time in ages I've felt really bad for leaving him and going to work.
Despite the fact that I have a quieter Friday than last academic year, the job still doesn't give me time to dwell on such matters, so by the time I collected the boy, he and I had both forgotten about the morning's upset.
We got to the park an hour earlier than we have been doing this week. It was heaving - filled with teenagers I couldn't boss around.
I took the boy home and admitted defeat; Iggle Piggle and some bricks took over from my parenting. It really is back to the grind, and another seven weeks until I can relax and unwind. Poetry innit.

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