Friday, 14 September 2012

Forrest Bump

Today's #366 picture doesn't quite capture the boy's genuine excitement at our usual Friday morning breakfast stop: automatic doors are the new escalators in his world.
I'm tired. I really missed him today. This is really unlike me - not because I am 'Tin Mummy', but I'm usually too busy. Friday is my (relatively) quieter teaching day this year. A lesson spent lesson planning also featured thoughts of wanting to be at home with my boy.
I wasn't feeling quite so whimsical after school. A quick visit to the local M&S food store had a very over-excited Dexter running up and down the aisles, careering into various people's shopping baskets. I've taken to calling him Forrest Gump: an homage to his desire to run everywhere.
He just needs to work on the spatial awareness.

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