Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Only human


We stopped on the way to work today to get a small thank- you gift for a colleague; we also bought coffee. It's Wednesday. We're only human.

Dexter had a complete meltdown at nursery drop-off, apparently even refusing to eat his breakfast (hope he's not been taking lessons from the mental cat). He was much better after a big sleep, unpleasant nappy and hearty school lunch. He's only human.

I'm feeling a bit stretched in terms of my teaching load, some other school commitments and constant meetings after work. I didn't deal with a certain situation in a particularly effective way today. I'm only human.

My favourite moment of today was this evening. After arriving home at the usual six o'clock and heading into the kitchen to put the kettle on, I returned to the living room to the scene pictured above. The boy, fully ensconced on the sofa, 'reading' Meg and Mog. A tiny part of my tired heart melted: I'm only human.

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