Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Give a little love...

These are trying times to be in the teaching profession. While we are being vilified in political and media circles, we have to 'keep calm and carry on'. The job is relentless - wonderful - but absolutely non-stop. I taught all day; I worked through lunch; supervised a detention; phoned some parents; and attended a meeting. But, at the heart of the pressure and the turmoil, are people: students and colleagues. I had to do a little nurturing of both today. It's not really measurable, and it's something I'll never object to.
Upon returning home, my own little charge needed his bath, nails trimmed, obligatory story (that mouse is still bothering me), and some down time. Okay, so I let him watch 'In the Night Garden' too. Bite me. I needed to collapse on the sofa and nurture my own well-being. I'm sure half an hour of the goggle box won't have interfered with the language acquisition programme too much (it's not working anyway). Also, the surreal and bizarre characters in it demonstrate great compassion to each other too. I'm sure Iggle Piggle would make a great teacher!

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