Monday, 10 September 2012

Dexter the dexterous

This morning got off to a smooth start. It wasn't my turn to drive. Lovely lift-share ladies and I arrived in the town where we work ahead of schedule. It obviously would have been rude not to check out the brand new Costa on the high street...
Things started to go downhill at the nursery drop-off. Dexter was the first arrival at Little Huffle (he has now officially made the transition from 'Baby Huffle' to 'Little Huffle'), and it took some time to extricate him from clinging on to my legs.
The morning continued on its downward trajectory when I realised that the work I had spent all afternoon on yesterday, hadn't saved to the school system. I had to re-do it during my prep time this morning: grrr.
The day got better. It passed very quickly and I met more of my students for this year, all of whom were lovely. Dexter's day improved too. He soon forgot all about me, demolished his school lunch, and showed his new found dexterity with a spoon. This is big news in the Wayne household, as he has only just started to show some remote interest in feeding himself using cutlery. As today's #366 photo demonstrates, the boy is putting these skills to good use for cleaning his teeth too.
The husband is currently cooking dinner, I've almost finished my work for this evening, and I may get to bed before eleven. All in a day's work.

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