Monday, 3 September 2012

One final hurrah!

So, today marked my last day of freedom from the shackles of working-mummy existence. Lovely friend Hannah and delicious Lady L came round for some lunch. Dexter was in full-on meltdown mode, so Hannah actually made said lunch. She didn't seem to mind, and little Lottie seemed perfectly at home, having to be wrestled out from under Dexter's new duvet in order to go home for nap time.
With the boy securely in place for his nap, I made blackberry muffins.
Later in the afternoon, we all went to Hove Lagoon to enjoy some unseasonable sunshine. Dexter spent a lot of time trying to adopt new parents and a worrying amount of time clinging on to a lady whom he believed to be Sarah; her little boy wasn't so keen on the mistaken identity.
The husband and I marked Monday evening with a gig: Euros Childs. He was astonishingly good. Lovely lift share friend baby-sat. Tomorrow, we are going to be astonishingly tired.

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