Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Ups and the Downs

I decided that yesterday's intention of a walk on the Sussex Downs should be put into action this morning.
It was grey, freezing and desolate up there. Dexter kept falling in cow pats, trying to kneel in puddles and was generally grumpy and needy. It is thanks to the magic of Instagram (see yesterday's post for more Instagram love) that I managed to capture what has to be my favourite #366 photo so far. I know he's my boy, and therefore I'm horribly biased, but my heart actually hurts when I look at it.
Don't be deceived completely by the Instagram magic; we spent approximately fifteen minutes on our 'bracing walk'. It was enough fresh air though to ensure a post-lunch two and a half hour nap. I joined the boy in Snoozeville for an hour - the first time I've napped this week, and boy it felt good.
Lovely Super Saz (again, see a previous post from the summer), called round in the afternoon. It's always great to catch up with such a good friend, and the boy was beautifully behaved and helpfully self-sufficient, aside from an alarming nappy (which poor Sazzle had to witness), indicative of teething/a rotten cold/tummy upset/all three. I'm glad he's having a week of R&R as it will be all too soon that he's back in his somewhat gruelling daily routine.

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