Saturday, 24 November 2012

Having a splashing time


The weather dictated events today. The husband and I are both totally shattered, and the constant rain has made a visit to the park a little unfeasible. Dexter still got a spot of fresh air though, albeit splashing in puddles to and from the car for a visit to Waitrose.

It's been a slow, toasty, yawny, choresy sort of day.

The boy was allowed to stay up 'late' to watch Strictly. The husband and I had dinner in a box and watched telly.

I've caught up on three weeks of the blog. I'm over it now, hence the bland and brief nature of my latest posts. I'm determined to finish a picture and post for every day this year, and then I'll think about a new direction. Lazy days like today are not the most inspiring.

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